How to actually produce outstanding bone density results for women

what is normal bone density

Have you been researching ways to increase your bone density? You have probably been told about the prescription options like bisphosphonates and bone anabolic drugs like Prolia. Which means you have probably read about the many potential side effects of bisphosphonates (spoiler alert: bone loss is a potential side effect–WHAT?). Yikes! The good news is […]

How to Read Your Dexa Scan Results

https://youtu.be/ObrXRZlyqE4 Wondering how to read your Dexa scan results? It can be confusing if you don’t know how to analyze the results. Also, if your physician doesn’t review them in depth, the results can be much better than you think. In this article, we are going to explain what the numbers mean, where you should […]

How to increase bone density without taking drugs.

how to increase bone density without taking drugs

Wondering how to increase bone density without taking drugs? Bone density doesn’t seem like something that most people have to worry about. When you hear the term “bone density”, most people think about having osteoporosis. But the reality is that everyone, both males and females, reach peak bone density at age 30. After that, we […]