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Your Session Coaches

Every time you come in for an OsteoStrong session, you are accompanied by one of our trained session coaches. They are making sure your have proper biomechanical positioning and are always in a safe environment. Each session coach goes through extensive online and in-person training before joining our team.

Meet the Owner

Melissa McCraw, OT

Melissa is a native Mobilian, a graduate of UMS-Wright and University of South Alabama. She began her career as a licensed occupational therapist, working at various assisted living, outpatient rehab, and skilled nursing facilities throughout the gulf coast. In her work, she began to notice that many of the patients who she was helping were not able to return to their previous quality of life, but if they had the proper preventative therapy to increase their balance and strength, then they may be able to avoid that situation altogether.

After discovering OsteoStrong, Melissa knew this was her calling to improve people’s quality of life and continue to serve her community. You will see Melissa at OsteoStrong Hillcrest on a daily basis along with her incredible staff of session coaches. The OsteoStrong Hillcrest center has been opened since June of 2019 and we continue to grow our family of members and love seeing each and everyone of them transform their health and their lives for the better.